Plac+e Program (CAF)

Through its Latin American Carbon, Clean and Alternative Energies Program (PLAC+e), CAF contributes to the mitigation of global climate change, and supports the use of clean and alternative energies, promoting the sustainable development of Latin America.

Program goals

  • Promote and actively participate in the creation of emission reduction markets and the sequestration of greenhouse gases (GHG).
  • Support the identification, development and financing of emission reduction projects, clean and alternative energies, and energy efficiency projects in Latin America.
  • Strengthen national institutions and mechanisms to promote and consolidate GHG reduction and clean and alternative energies markets.

Financing opportunities

  • Financial lines available to projects aimed at reducing GHG emissions.
  • Financial lines available to clean and alternative energies and energy efficiency projects.
  • Various funds for the development of innovative projects.
  • Advanced payments for the purchase of emission reduction credits.

Carbon market buyers

CAF contributes actively to the reduction of GHG emissions through the following actions:

  • Identification of projects for their further inclusion in portfolios of GHG emission reduction initiatives.
  • Brokerage of emission reduction credits (CER/VER).
  • Financing of GHG emission reduction projects.

Services provided to sponsors

  • Comprehensive identification and development of the entire GHG emission reduction project cycle.
  • Broad technical support for project structuring, and administrative processes and procedures with the correspondent organizations involved.
  • Design of new baseline and follow-up methodologies.
  • Guidance and support to projects on the monitoring phase, and with issuing of CER and VER.
  • Placement of GHG emission reductions in carbon markets.
  • Support to the financial closure of GHG emission reduction projects through advanced future flow of revenues generated from CER sales.
  • Support through technical cooperation funds aimed at strengthening institutions and mechanisms in CAF’s shareholder countries.
  • Support through technical cooperation resources aimed at strengthening technical, social, and environmental aspects related to GHG emission reduction projects.
  • Structuring and financing of GHG reduction and clean and alternative energy projects.