Indonesia Eximbank (IEB)

Lembaga Plembiayaan Ekspor Indonesia – Indonesia Eximbank (“IEB”) was established based on Act No 2/2009 and officially commenced operations on September 1, 2009, pursuant to the Decision of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia No. 366/KMK. 06/2009. Before that, we existed as PT Bank Ekspor Indonesia (Persero), a state owned commercial bank established on 1999.

IEB is expected to become a leading and reliable Eximbank/ECA with mandate as stipulated under the National Export Financing is to support the national export programs. In regards to that mandate, Act No 2/2009 provides Indonesia Eximbank with many advantages that do not exist in other financial institutions such as banks and insurance institutions, its status as a sovereign entity, sui generis, fully supported by the Government in a state of insolvency, and the authority to implement a very broad spectrum of activities that include financing, guarantee, insurance and consulting service. IEB has 1 head office, 3 regional offices and more than 232 employees around Indonesia.

Strategic Plans:

  • Strengthening export performance (Year 2009-2014)
  • Increasing export competitiveness (Year 2015-2019)
  • Acceleration of export growth (Year 2020-2024)
  • Sustainable growth of exports (Year 2025-2029)

Priority Sectors

Our priority sectors in accordance with the government program:

  • 9 commodities/industries (CPO, Coffee, Rubber, Fishery, Shrimp, Textile, Processing Food, Cocoa & Footwear)
  • 1 service sector (construction)

Domestic Business:

  • Export Financing for Domestic Companies
    • The export financing shall be given to the domestic companies including SME segment in the forms of Export Working Capital Financing, Export Investment Financing, Export Bills Discounting, Forfeiting, and Factoring.
    • Export financing to SME segment could be done using the following models:
      • Direct financing
      • Co-financing
      • Linkage program
  • Export Financing for Domestic Banks
    • The export financing shall be given to the domestic banks in the forms of
      • Refinancing of working capital loan or investment loan
      • Bills export re-discounting
      • L/C Financing

International Business

Financing Granted to Foreign Companies in Foreign Countries

  • Foreign Project Financing
  • Financing to Indonesia JV in foreign countries
  • Structured Financing (Non-LC)
  • Buyer’s Credit

Key figures 2010

Total Assets: IDR20.64 trillion
Loans: IDR 15.75 trillion
Total Equity: IDR 6.5 trillion
Total income: IDR 1.23 trillion
Net profit: IDR 195.65 billion