The Korea Development Bank (KDB)

Korea Development Bank(KDB) was founded 1954 in accordance with The Korea Development Bank Act for the purpose of supplying and managing major industrial capital to help develop the national economy. For more than half century since then, KDB has faithfully fulfilled its role as a government-owned bank, anticipating and coping with changes in the economic and fianacial environment. Such achievement enabled KDB to maintain a unique position in the global market as a competitive policy financial institution serving a number of policy-oriented business goals in a market-friendly manner.

Major Businesses

  • Corporate Banking : General Corporate Banking, Corporate Restructuring
  • Investment Banking : M&A, TechnoBanking, Venture Capital, Project Finance, PEF
  • International Banking : Syndication, Structured Finance, Trading, Trade Finance, Cross-Border Corporate Finance
  • Indirect Investment : On-lending Banking, Private Equity Fund, SME Venture Capital
  • Reunification Finance
  • Consulting, Consumer Banking, Trust & Pension

Global Network

Regarding global network, KDB is operating 9 branches, 5 subsidiaries, 8 representative offices and 3 representatives abroad.

Key Figures of 2015

Total Assets : USD192 billion
Total Equity : USD 22 billion

Total New Commitments in 2015

Total Assets : USD 192 billion
Total Equity : USD 22 billion