COP28 – IDFC contribution to Climate finance: A record high

This high-level side-event will be the opportunity to present IDFC contribution to Climate finance, in particular the Green Finance Mapping 2023, and to illustrate the role of public development banks to achieve Paris Agreement alignment.

With 288Bn USD of green finance in 2022, a record high, IDFC is the first public provider of climate finance in the world. IDFC also aims to promote the role of public development banks and to contribute to the international agenda and debates on climate, for instance on the New Collective Quantitative Goal (NCQG) or on the different approaches for financial institutions to align on the Paris Agreement.

Based on an overview of IDFC main deliverables this year, this side-event will explore ideas to go beyond in the coming years to meet Paris Agreement Goals. What IDFC can bring to the post-2025 agenda?

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