IDFC Biodiversity Toolbox online webinar – Session 1: Linking Finance and Biodiversity. An introduction.

4th July, 60-75 min, Webex


  • To better understand the importance of biodiversity/nature loss for financial institutions
  • To explore the linkages between biodiversity and other societal goals
  • To analyze the consequences of international policy frameworks on the financial and economic sectors.
  • To explore the responsibility of financial institutions regarding the biodiversity crisis
  • To consolidate the knowledge and understanding of biodiversity-related risks, impacts and dependencies
  • To get acquainted with the step-wise approach of integrating biodiversity in development finance institutions and step 1 of the toolbox
Duration Activity Topic
5 min ·       Welcome/ short input ·       Introduction to Webinar Series
20 min ·       Input ·       What is biodiversity, what are ecosystem services and why is it/are they important for development finance institutions (DFIs)?

·       Risks, impacts and dependencies

·       Interlinkages with other goals (SDGs (minimum: social aspects), climate)

20 min ·       Input ·       How is this dealt with on the international level (COP – Brief feedback on COP 15 and consequences for FIs (alignment of financial flows, T15, T19 and others; Other current developments: TNFD, Taxonomy, Regulation, standards (EU and others), central banks/NGFS, private sector, MDBs)

·       What is IDFC doing (position paper, toolbox)

20 min ·       Input·       Discussion·       Wrap-up ·       Introduction of the step-wise approach for integrating biodiversity into development finance institutions and step 1 of the toolbox

·       Q & A

·       Data sources

·       Outlook next sessions

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