2023 IDFC 1st Sherpa meeting – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

IDFC Sherpa meetings are private meetings happening twice a year and gathering Sherpas from each member institution. This first 2023 meeting will be focusing on the Club’s Working Groups roadmap and international agenda.


March 1st – Sherpa meeting day 1

9:00 am           Welcome, objectives and agenda

9:45 am           ICD presentation 

10:15 am          IDFC Work program: SDG Alignment

11:00 am        SDG Alignment workshop

1:30 pm    Bilateral meetings

2:00 pm    Internals 

3:00 pm  International Agenda: Finance in Common Summit, New Financing Pact Summit

March 2nd – Sherpa meeting day 2

9:00 am          IDFC Work Program: Cooperation for development

9:30 am        Cooperation for development – presentations

11:30 pm          IDFC Work Program: Gender equality

2:00 pm          IDFC Work Program: Climate Finance

3:00 pm          IDFC Work Program: Biodiversity Finance

3:00 pm        IDFC Work Program: IDFC Climate Facility

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