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Javier Díaz Fajardo, participated to the joint event G20/FiCS “Shaping impactful solutions for Sustainable Finance”

4 June 2024

On may 20, Javier Díaz Fajardo CEO of Bancoldex and co-president of International Development Finance Club (IDFC) participated to the opening session of the joint event G20/FiCS “Shaping impactful solutions for Sustainable Finance” co-organized by The Finance In Common Summit, Ministério da Fazenda, and Instituto Clima e Sociedade (iCS).

This event was an excellent opportunity to introduce the Club, our members and working groups as well as our contribution to the agenda and towards SDG alignment.


On this occasion he highlighted our goals to:

🤝 Foster and increase cooperation between members and partners within the financial ecosystem
📚 Facilitate knowledge sharing and capacity building
🙌 Develop joint business opportunities


With 4 main Focuses:

1️⃣ Strengthen the IDFC Facility with USD 23 million to broaden support for Biodiversity and SDGs
2️⃣ Develop a mechanism to lower the cost of capital to finance sustainable projects
3️⃣ Highlight the role of Public Development Banks in the New Global Financial Architecture
4️⃣ Continue with the Club’s working groups’ initiatives: Climate, Biodiversity, Gender Equality, SDGs alignment, and Cooperation for Development


Javier Díaz Fajardo emphasized the importance of addressing disparities in the financial architecture across regions. He highlighted the essential role of Public Development Banks PDBs and underlined the need to fill the gaps for the benefit of the Global South.

🌎 Reflecting on the training in Colombia and the working groups on climate and biodiversity, it was a moment to share some of our key achievements and the upcoming international agenda towards 2025


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