International Event

2023 Steering Group Meeting hosted by KfW in Berlin, Germany

30 June 2023

This year‘s IDFC Steering Group Meeting was hosted by KfW in Berlin on 29-30 June 2023.

6 months after COP15 (Montreal), and 6 months ahead of COP28 (UAE), the IDFC Steering Group Meeting in Berlin focused on climate finance, biodiversity and the role national and regional promotional banks can play within the ongoing reform of the global financial system.


The IDFC meeting benefited by the contribution of distinguished external guests, including Dr Stefan Mair (SWP), Prof Johan Rockström (PIK), Haje Schütte (OECD) and Michael Hugman (CIFF).

Participating members: AFD, Bancoldex, BNDES, BOAD, CAF, CDG, CDP, CDB, DBSA, TSKB, ICD, JICA, KfW.

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